Out of 64 countries, RSA ranked third last in Maths and Science*


EduRise is a holistic education programme that aims to cultivate educational environments where children can learn effectively, supported by confident teachers in schools that strive for excellence. The programme focuses on four key areas: parent and community involvement; school management and leadership; learner development; and educator development. It is designed for learners to unlock and develop their full potential through quality education and holistic interventions in physical education, mathematics, science, English, creative arts and environmental awareness programmes. The programme has been implemented in selected primary and high school clusters from low-income communities across South Africa. (References: *HSRC)


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The e-learning workshop wasn’t just another workshop where you listen to the people in front. It was something new. And I have seen the value in the platform. I learnt many things, like the specific terminology for my subject. When I teach learners they see I am confident, which is good, as they learn from that. I enjoy the programme and I always try to do my best.


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A holistic, quality education drastically improves youths’ chances of becoming self-employed or finding a job with good working conditions – enabling them to build a better future for themselves. Recent research* connects the low quality of South Africa’s education system to the sluggish economic growth. Some of the possible measures that have the greatest potential to improve educational performance are improved teacher training to close knowledge gaps, improved school management, and greater teacher accountability. Research suggests that educational efforts should be centred around primary schools as this is a critical milestone in determining future successes at high school and tertiary education.

*A Review of the Causes and Consequences of the Weak Outcomes of
South Africa’s Education System” International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2019

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